Mobile Solar Lighting Towers

mobile solar lighting towersSolar lighting is emerging as the Mining Industry’s answer to the ever increasing pressure to save costs onsite and move towards a more sustainable and efficient lighting solution.

The advantages of a mobile solar lighting tower system extend well beyond cost savings and a greener company footprint. View the Solar Hire mobile solar lighting tower key advantages.

The mobile solar lighting towers are suitable for:

  • General Area Lighting
  • Mine Sites
  • Crib huts/site amenities
  • Go lines
  • Sporting events / festivals
  • Road Intersections

Mobile Solar Lighting Towers - Features

Our mobile Solar Lighting Towers have in-built safety features for the protection of both operators and towers. The tower has a hand held remote for all operations of the mast ,light fittings and pan tilt unit.The on board solar charging system remains functioning whether stationary or in transit and monitors the battery bank capacity 24 hrs.Should the stored charge fall below a preset value the indicating Blue strobe provides visual indication that the unit will need to be connected to an 240volt power source for the onboard battery charger to top up the battery bank.Once positioning the tower in a north facing position the lighting tower is easily set up for operation.

The on-board battery system has a life expectancy of at least 5 years, solar panels have a life span of 10 years and the led flod lights have an aoperational warranty of 20,000 hours / 4 yrs.

The Solar lighting towers are open to any and all sorts of applications for when the consumers choice is to consider the enviroment and community.