Mobile Solar Lighting Tower Key Advantages

Solar Hire - Mobile Solar Lighting TowerThe advantages of Solar Hire's solar lighting towers are numerous in terms of features, quality and environmental impact. Our solar lighting towers provide you with

  • MDG15 Certified Compliance
  • Solar Vs Diesel Cost Comparison
  • Achieve illumination category P1 to AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2005
  • Long Life LED Light Fittings  
  • No Noise emits from solar lighting towers
  • No Fuel Cost
  • No Diesel Fumes
  • Solar lighting towers reduce servicing costs
  • Automated power up and shut down
  • No 240 volt statutory checks required
  • Instant power on, no warm up period and instant re-strike
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Zero noise enables use close to residents
  • Patented Australian design #2010100828

Solar Powered Lighting Towers - LED Lights

  • Only the Highest quality LED lights are used in our solar powered lighting towers, 4 x 92w LED Floods.
  • Reliable
  • Our solar lighting towers are designed for a harsh environments
  • Thermal protection
  • Primary and secondary ingress protection - IP68 
  • Light directed where it is needed with directional LED’s secondary optics
  • No wasting of lights as with traditional flood lights, reducing light pollution
  • Zero UV output means NO insect attraction

Solar Lighting Tower Solar Panels

Solar Lighting Tower Solar Panels - View the E20 solar panel techinical data here.SunPowerTM E20 Solar Panels provide today’s highest efficiency and performance. Powered by SunPower MaxeonTM cell technology, the E20 series provides panel conversion efficiencies of up to 20.1%. The E20’s low voltage temperature coefficient, anti-reflective glass and exceptional low-light performance attributes provide outstanding energy delivery per peak power watt. View the E20 solar panel techinical data here.

  • 20% EFFICIENCY - SunPower E20 panels are the highest efficiency panels on the market today,providing more power in the same amount of space
  • MAXIMUM SYSTEM OUTPUT - Comprehensive inverter compatibility ensures that customers can pair the highest efficiency panels with the highest-efficiency inverters, maximizing system output
  • REDUCED INSTALLATION COST - More power per panel means fewer panels per install. This saves both time and money.
  • RELIABLE AND ROBUST DESIGN - SunPower’s unique MaxeonTM cell technology and advanced module design ensure industry-leading reliability

Solar Lighting Towers are Environmentally Friendly

Reduce CO2 by more than 50 tonnes each year per solar powered lighting tower.