A Brighter Future
Solar Lighting Towers – Emission Free Lighting Solutions

Over a Decade of Experience with Solar Lighting Innovation

Our mobile solar lighting towers are designed and built in Australia.

They are suitable for:

  • General area lighting
  • Mine sites
  • Car parks
  • Crib huts / site amenities
  • Go lines
  • Sporting venues
  • Festivals
  • Road works
  • Security
  • Residential areas
  • Parking lots 

Our Lights are Just Brighter

Our innovative designs ensure our lights are just as bright as our competitors, despite being run on completely renewable energy.


Reduce Total Costs

Our mobile solar towers are virtually maintenance free and have no ongoing running costs from the sun to you


Silent, No Noise

There are no noisy generators required to power our solar light towers. As such, they are completely silent allowing you to work in peace


Safe & Easy to Use

We ensure you are completely equipped to set up and use your solar tower which can be operated with a handheld remote control

Solar Hire’s Commitment & Why Our Towers are Best For the Job

Solar Hire is committed to the quality of our product, through strategically sourcing the highest quality components and our patented design. Solar Hire are dedicated to providing an emission free lighting solution that is reliable, safe and economical.

  • No Noise emits from Solar Lighting Towers
  • No Fuel Cost
  • No Diesel Fumes
  • No Carbon Emissions
  • No Servicing Costs
  • Instant Power On – No Warm Up Period
  • Reduced UV Output means No Insect Attraction
  • Australian Made

Our Lighting Towers


SLT-3 - Basic Budget Unit

  • Suitable for car parks, security and events
  • Lighting Capacity:
    • 4x 70w LEDs
    • 160 Effective Lumens/Watt
    • up to 24 000 lm


SLT-3X - Premium Unit

  • Suitable for large car parks, big events and small construction works
  • Lighting Capacity:
    • 2x 70w spots 2x 100w floods
    • 160 Effective Lumens/Watt
    • up to 42 000 lm

SLT-4 - Most Popular

  • Suitable for big events, general construction and road/rail
  • Lighting Capacity:
    • 4x 100w high efficient LEDs
    • 160 Effective Lumens/Watt
    • up to 60 000 lm

SLT-4X - High Power Premium

  • Suitable for big events, general construction and road/rail
  • Lighting Capacity:
    • 6/8x 100w high efficient LEDs
    • 160 Effective Lumens/Watt
    • up to 90 000 lm

SLT-5X - Extra High Power

  • Suitable for major construction, road/rail and mining
  • Lighting Capacity:
    • 10 100w high efficient LEDs
    • 160 Effective Lumens/Watt
    • up to 120 000 lm

SLT-8 - Top of the Range

  • Suitable for remote light and power
  • Lighting Capacity:
    • 10x 100w high efficient LEDs
    • 160 Effective Lumens/Watt
    • 3.2 kWhrs - Lights & Power
    • up to 180 000 lm

Solar Hire is intent on increasing power generation whilst keeping the towers footprint to a minimum. Currently we are building and testing sun tracking which will give an estimated increase of up to 50% to power generation.

Some of Our Clients


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