Cost Comparison

Solar Hire recognised a decade ago that the growing solar technology had applications other than house roofs and medium sized power generation.
We embarked upon mobile solar technology to find better and cheaper ways to advance these products. It was our aim to design and build solar mobile lighting plants to equal the power of workable light output as compared to diesel.
Thanks to recent technology gains Solar Hire has now achieved some of these aims with solar lighting with 60,000 and 90,000 lumen output. Comparing diesel to solar is not a straight forward analysis as some current diesel lighting plants can have up to 6000 watts of power.
In our survey and research we found that excessive power had large amounts of lost light and therefore was not as beneficial as it first appeared.
In our comparison we focused on diesel powered to 2000w – 3000w in output. When going to greater power output we believe that additional units are better, so as to limit shadowing.

Hiring Costs


Average Costs
Diesel Fuel – $1.60
Labour / Hour – $65.00
Service Call out – $300.00

The following data has been calculated on a unit of similar lighting output (see lighting plans)

Diesel unit 2 cylinder @ 0.7 ltr per hour with 125 Ltr fuel tank and 500 hrs operation between services. Sound 65Db at 7 meters.

Based on 1 month hire within winter


Diesel Lighting Tower

average hiring costs
$3740/30 days
  • Fuel Consumption @ 0.7 Ltrs/ Hr = 294 Ltrs ($1.59 per Ltr) = $470.00 
  • Fuel Refill – 294 hrs Divided by 125 Ltr tank = 3 x $65.00 rate = $195.00
  • Daily Operation 0.5 Hrs = 15 x $65.00 = $975.00
  • Services on 500 Hrs run = 1 x $300.00 service call out = $300.00
  • Daily rental rate 30 days x $60.00 = $1800.00

Are you interested in saving costs on your lighting budget?

Purchasing Costs 


Please Note: This following pricing table details out the equivalent prices of yearly hiring requirements for a project that needs 10 lights over 3 years.


Are you interested in saving costs on your lighting budget?