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How long does a solar light last?

Solar Hire has designed our products to be totally self-sufficient. This has been achieved by ensuring that the total nightly light load is below 35% – 50% of the Solar Towers daily generation of power. Having high power generation is half the story we also use Deep Cycle Gel batteries and Lithium batteries to store at least 3 nights power as reserve. Our towers should run 6 to 12 months and only need a service inspection after the hire period.


Do solar lighting towers work in bad weather?

Even on rainy days there is still a lot of light and these new generation solar panels can still generate power. The power generation is less but with the battery back up power and the overrating of our generation system we can run just fine in bad weather.


What areas do you cover?

Solar Hire is 100% Australian with Australian made Solar Towers and we cover the East Coast Of Australia. Of course we are always looking for opportunities to expand.


Are solar powered lights expensive to hire?

In general terms they are slightly higher than diesel on a daily rate, but on a longer term they are cheaper as they do not require services or fuel (generally diesel). Loner term hire or quantity hire can attract a substantial discounts.


How powerful are solar lights compared to diesel?

Diesel units are able to generate as much power as they need a can be many thousands of watts producing enormous light. New Solar technology and significant advances in LED innovation has allowed Solar Hire Mobile Towers to produce lighting plans to suit any work site environment. Excessive over abundance of light can cause problems to traffic or the public if not correctly controlled but at the end of the day the more wattage the more fuel.


What maintenance does a solar lighting tower require?

Solar lighting towers basically consist of Batteries, Solar Panels and Lights – a “ big torch”. All these items have extensive years of no maintenance. Product inspection every 6 to 12 months is good housekeeping.


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