SLT-5X Extra High-Powered Mobile Solar Tower

SLT-5X as a direct competitor to current diesel mobile lighting, this unit has massive lighting power and is suitable for any job that requires 20 – 50 Lux on the job.
This unit also has winter and summer settings to get the most out of the solar panels.
With 8 x 100 watt lights it has 120,000 lumens. Solar Hire is working on some new patent-able technology which would give us the most powerful solar lighting tower in the world for its size.
We would welcome enquiries on this product to assist with its further development.

Suitable for: 

  • Roadworks
  • Construction
  • Car Parks
  • Security

Approximate illumination area to 5 lux 6000sqm

Power Generation vs Load

  • 5 x 400 mono crystal solar panels = 2.0kWhrs
  • Daily winter average generation = 10kWhrs
  • Nightly winter total light load = 9.5kWhrs
  • Single axis sun tracking

Battery Storage

  • Lithium 34kWhrs / 40kWhrs

Operating System

  • Low voltage 24 vdc, control and 48 vdc power

  • Low pressure air (20psi) for mast operation

  • Fully automatic day night operation


  • LED lights, 4 x 100-watt Floods 60 Deg.
  • LED lights, 4 x 100-watt Medium 40 Deg
  • LED lights, 2 x 100-watt Spots 25 Deg


  • Single Axle
  • 15’ Rim Size
  • 4 manual operated stabilizer supports
  • A frame draw bar with 50mm ball


  • Fireco total extended height 9 meters
  • Fully retracted height mast + trailer 3.3 meters
  • Light Head full tilt and 360-degree rotation
  • Remote control for all light functions