SLT-8 Top of the Range

As Solar Hire strives to meet all the different required applications, we as a business need to focus on the most urgent needs however we also believe that looking over the horizon to new solar power ventures is important thus the SLT-8.
The SLT-8 will have two distinct applications that being major construction works and very remote sites such as Geotechnical explorers.
The SLT-8 would be capable of supplying light for work zones or lighting and power for those who venture to work in the outback.
The SLT-8 means you don’t have to carry extra diesel for the noisy gen set and once set up require no maintenance.
We would encourage inquiries to enable this products development to be given a higher priority.

Suitable for: 

  • Everything

Approximate illumination area – as much as required

Power Generation vs Load

  • 8 x 400w panels = 3.2kWhrs + 5kWhrs
  • Optional panels for remote extra power as needed
  • Daily winter average generation = 3.2kWhrs (up to a potential 8kWhrs)
  • Nightly winter total light load = additional power up to 10kWhrs possible

Battery Storage

  • Approx. 60 kWhrs

Operating System

  • Low voltage 24 vdc, control and 48 vdc power

  • Low pressure air (20psi) for mast operation

  • Fully automatic day night operation

  • Inverter for 240vac power


  • High performance LEDs as required


  • Dual axle
  • 15′ rim size
  • 4 manual operated stabilizer supports
  • A frame draw bar with 50mm ball


  • Fireco total extended height 9 meters
  • Fully retracted height mast + trailer 3.3 meters
  • Light head full tilt and 360-degree rotation
  • Remote control for all light functions